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Winston Boron IIT Fly Rod

R.L. Winston Rod Company

Well look at what we found stored in the back of the fly rod vault - A brand new Winston Boron IIT Fly Rod.  This rod has been discontinued and replaced with the new Boron III Rods.

Our over-site is your gain.  We're selling this rod at a substantial discount and it still comes with Winston's Lifetime Warranty.  So if you're looking for a great medium-fast fly rod at a great price, this is the fly rod for you.

Winston has long been committed to providing anglers who prefer more traditional actions with the finest rods they can own. The Boron IIt series is proof that advanced boron technology can be used to create exceptional fly rods that feature a medium fast-action. These rods are butter smooth with great touch and feel. Unlike a conventional graphite medium-action rod, however, they are capable of generating higher line speeds. This results in a more powerful and lively rod that fishes wonderfully and can handle the wind. If you love a medium-action, or are a devotee of our previous medium-action rods, you need to cast a Boron IIt. You will be amazed.

This fly rod was Editors Choice Award winner in 2007 by Fly Fish American.  Here's what they had to say about the Boron IIT Fly Rod: 

I’ve spent most of my fishing time in recent years chasing exotic species around the globe, and felt like I was losing touch with my trout-fishing roots. So 2006 became the “Year of the Trout” for me. In August an 8.5-foot, 4-weight version of Winston’s new Boron IIt rod arrived. These traditional (read “medium”) action trout rods are based on Winston’s second-generation boron/graphite technology, and now that I was a bonafide trout bum again I wasted no time packing it off for a week in Montana, followed by another week in Colorado. Boron IIt rods are available in 3-, 4- and 5-weight models from 7.5 to 9 feet in length—all are 4-piece designs packed in classy looking, travel friendly, green-painted aluminum tubes with brass appointments. Sporting classic Winston-green paint jobs, they feature to-scale grips of impeccable, hand-turned cork, your choice of black-anodized uplocking aluminum reel seats with green graphite inserts (pictured), or more traditional nickel-silver uplocking reel seats with burled box elder inserts, and an unconditional lifetime warranty. A day with the Boron IIt on Depuy’s spring creek in Paradise Valley, throwing ridiculously small flies to surprisingly big trout, convinced me that this was the trout rod of my dreams. Weighing only 2.5 oz., it delivered the most delicate dry-fly presentations imaginable, with plenty of reserve power for longer casts. 

    The Boron Advantage


    • Handle: Cigar

    • Sections 4

    • Action: Medium-Fast

    • Standard Premium Nickel Silver Uplock with Wood Instert

    Boron IIT Fly Rod Specs

      • 5-WEIGHT
      Great for dries, nymphs and small streamers. These all-around, more powerful 5-weights are a joy to cast and provide the incredible benefits of advanced boron technology to those who like a more traditional action..

     Welcome to Winston

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