MRO Montana Fly Fishing Report 4/27/2016

by Jake Schilling April 27, 2016

Upper Madison

Flows out of Hebgen Dam have been lowered 60cfs to 850cfs due to lowering snowpack and increased run-off. We're still looking good for the summer, plenty of precipitation in the forecast. Speaking of run-off, by the time you get to Ennis, the water definitely is a little more brown than green. As of yesterday evening, everything above the West Fork was still clear with a green tinge. Expect the whole river to get a little dirtier this week as Cabin and Beaver Creek have been pumping a lot of water into Quake.

Both the float and wade sections are still fishing excellent! Off-color water has enhanced the nymph fishing and there have been pockets of time with solid Baetis hatches. Generally early afternoon, but all dependent on the temps that day.

For dries, we recommend the #18 Baetis Paramerger, #18-20 Baetis Parachute, #18 Griffiths Gnat, #16-18 Purple Parachute, and keep a few #12-14 March Browns in your box as they should be more active in the coming weeks.

For subsurface, the usual suspects for spring fishing are fishing well; #8-10 Sili Legs, #14 Caddis Rockworm, #16 Hare's Ear, #18 Lightning Bugs, and #18-20 Zebra Midges. Keep in mind there will be a good number of fish right up along the bank with the discolored water.

Hebgen Lake
Ice is starting to come off a pretty good rate now. Plenty of good access on the North Shore of the lake to chase a few spring Browns and 'Bows. A popular technique (when the ice close) is to cast your bugger onto the ice edge, drop in into the water, and let it sink. After that, a slow retrieve back to the bank. Our favorites are the #6 Flash-A-Bugger, #6 Tungsten Black Bugger, and #4 Yellow MT Mouthwash.

Upper Gallatin
The Gallatin has been running high and dirty this week. Flows have leveled around 1,400, should be dirty for a good chunk of time. If you're itching to get out on the Gal', use standard spring practices for this river and fish the pockets, slicks, and quiet water close to the banks. Fish some bigger, buggier patterns; #8 Flash-A-Bugger, #6 Yuk-Bug, #10 Black/Orange Sili Leg, and Wine San Juans.

Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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