We are booking Professional Guide Trips for the 2019 Season

Guided Wade Fly Fishing in Southwest Montana and Yellowstone National Park

Much of the best fly fishing in the area, including all of Yellowstone Park, is restricted to wade fishing only.


Guided Wade Fishing Trips in Yellowstone National Park

Three of the West’s greatest trout streams, the Missouri, the Yellowstone and the Snake, originate in the Park. Their headwaters support abundant populations of wild trout and an endless variety of pristine places to fish for them.

The Firehole, Gibbon, Madison, Gallatin, Yellowstone, Gardner and Lamar Rivers and Slough and Soda Butte Creeks provide wading anglers with miles of beautiful fly water in Yellowstone Park. We also offer walk trips to some of the best fishing in Montana outside the Park, primarily on sections of the Madison and Gallatin Rivers which are not open to float fishing. Up to three anglers to a guide can be accommodated on walk and wades



$550 for one or two anglers
$695 for three anglers
Full day Walk and Wades include guide service, lunches, beverages and local transportation.


$445 for one or two anglers
$495 for three anglers 

Half day Walk and Wades include guide service, beverages and local transportation.

We require a $275 deposit for each reservation. Cancellation Policy: Your deposit may be refundable per managements discretion. Our trips go out as scheduled regardless of the weather.


We teach a lot of people how to fly fish. Whether it's for a half day or a couple of days, beginning and novice fly fishers can quickly learn what it would take them years to learn on their own. Our guides are patient instructors who teach the fundamentals of fly casting, knot tying, fly selection, line control, reading water and safe wading. Fees are the same as for walk trips.

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As two handed rods and techniques have increased in popularity the applications for Spey fishing have grown. The fall-run rainbows and browns on the Madison inside of Yellowstone National Park are perfect fish to pursue with two handed rods and Spey casts. Both the river and fish seem tailor made for Spey fishing, both swinging soft hackles and streamers. Our guided Spey fishing trips focus instruction on rigging, casting, presentation and reading the water. We help anglers new to two handed rods lay a firm foundation to advance their skills while allowing intermediate casters to hone techniques. Appropriate sized tackle is provided for the trout that will be encountered, including five to seven Weight rod, reel and line outfits. We offer these trips from September 15th until Yellowstone Park closes to angling in November.


$550 for one or two anglers


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