Madison River Fly Fishing Report

by Jake Schilling June 08, 2016


Upper Madison 

Our nicest weather of the season has spiked flows coming out of the West Fork, the Madison below Kirby is now at 1,430 cfs.  But, as we've been saying the past month, don't let that stop you from getting out.  The fish through the float section are right on the banks and a few in the mid-river gravel bar drops and slicks.  Caddis and Mayfly activity is picking up momentum, will only get better as the water clears and drops over the next three weeks.  

Above the West Fork, the Wade section is fishing outstanding and the fish are starting the spread out and hang in the heavier slicks/pockets.  Over the past week of guiding, they sure feel like they're "where they should be".   Top nymphs have been the #14 Lake Prince, #14-18 Frenchie, #16 Hare's Ear, and #16-18 Black Crystal Dip.  Although a ways out from stoneflies actually hatching, it's worth the time to hit the banks with foam, right off the banks.  



Went over 4,000cfs last night.  Check out the water above Taylor Fork through YNP.  Will be your best bet for reasonable clarity and flow levels.  


Hebgen Lake

Still plenty of beauty Hebgen Lake fish rising to Chironomids while the wind is down.  Plenty of lake anglers hooking up along the North shore in the mornings.  #14-18 Parachutes (especially purple) with a #14-16 Peacock Chironomid dropped below.  The wind has been staying quiet in certain areas all the way into late afternoon.  




At times, the Salmonfly fishing in the canyon has been stellar, other days has been a little more head-scratching.  The good news is the PMD and Caddis hatches above the Canyon are picking up starting to last a good chunk of time.  Keep it relatively small for now, #16-18 Caddis patterns like the CDC Cinnamon, Missing Link, and Emergent will do.  For PMD, grab a few #16-18 Parachutes, DOA Cripples, Tilt Wings, and Sparkle Duns.



As mentioned on the Firehole, the Salmonfly fishing in the Canyon down to the Junction has been hit or miss.  But as with the Firehole, Caddis and Mayflies are picking up.  Skating a #14 White Moth will get a few fish chasing on top, and it's a blast to do!  Swinging Soft Hackle flies is always a reliable technique for the Madison inside YNP, stop in and grab a few #10-12 Green, Orange, and Hare's Ear soft hackles.  



Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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