Dawn of a New Day

by Mike Loebl February 13, 2016

New fishing regulations for the Madison River

New 2016 Fishing Regulations for the Madison River

Acting with a total disregard to both the protection of its fisheries and the public voice, our FWP has decided to usher in a new era for the Madison River.

Starting in March, the entire river outside of Yellowstone National Park will be open to fishing year round.  This may only make fishing tougher in the long run and be harder on the fish, but to look on the brighter side, anglers will now enjoy some of the finest fishing in Montana in the spring months.  Years ago when the fishery was throughout the year, the Madison was the best spring fishery in the state.  It should be nothing less than that in March and April now.

So come fish the Madison this spring.  Look for midges, Baetis and March Browns. Find rising fish to stalk or just enjoy the fantastic nymph fishing.  

Need a hand getting started?  Come fishing with the guides who know the upper Madison better than anyone else.

Posted by Mike Loebl

Mike Loebl
Mike Loebl


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