Full Fishing Closure in effect for Upper Madison River

by John Schilling December 01, 2021

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December 2 at 12:23 AM
UPDATE: Hebgen Dam gate is open and outflows to the Madison River are restored. The water in the river is rising as desired. Crews completed the gate repair just before midnight.


Full fishing closure in effect for upper Madison River

Closure to remain in effect until river flows are restored

ENNIS A full fishing closure is in effect for the upper Madison River from Ennis Lake upstream to Hebgen Dam.

A malfunction at Hebgen Dam caused flows on the Madison River to drop Tuesday, stranding fish on riffles and concentrating fish in deep water. NorthWestern Energy is working to fix the dam.

This closure will remain in place until the issue at the dam is resolved and flows are fully restored to the river.

The impacts to the fishery are still unclear. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks staff and volunteers will be on the river Wednesday moving stranded fish back into the river channel, and NorthWestern Energy staff have advised that it is safe to do so. Because flows are unable to be restored immediately, its likely that cold temperatures will have a greater impact on spawning redds than foot traffic.


We will be posting updates as we receive them.


John Schilling
John Schilling



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