Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 7/17/2017

by Tom Forsberg July 16, 2017

Madison River Fishing Report
Dam: 1200 cfs
Kirby: 1520 cfs

Upper Madison: High temps and little to no precipitation has taken its toll for the last week or so. The mid day bite has slowed and has been mostly limited to nymphing some of the deeper slicks you can find off the bank. The fish still seem keyed in on smaller nymphs. Make sure you're fishing enough weight to get your flies down. Getting to the river early can help with beating both the temps and the crowds and this is a time of day where you can find the fish a little more active and closer in to the bank and in some of the shallower water. The best time to be fishing dries continues be in the evening. Caddis and spinners will be your best bet for action during these hours until dark.
Flies: #16 Elk Hair Caddis, #16-18 Missing Link Caddis, #14-16 Purple parachute, #16 Rusty Spinner. Nymphs are #16 Lake Prince, #16-18 Shop Vac, #16-18 Green Machine, #16-18 Guide Dip.

Madison River Fishing Report
Gallatin in YNP: Still fishing quite well and should continue to do so. One of the better options of you're looking to beat the heat and deal with a little less people. Most of the stoneflies have worked their way through. Have PMDs, Drakes, Caddis and some Yellow Sallies and look for fish to be rising in the slower water along the banks. As always, attractors such as Trudes and Parachute Adams always fish well over there.
Flies: #16 PMD Cripple, #16 Purple Parachute, #12 DOA Green Drake, #12-14 Lime Trude, #14-16 Parawulff.

NE Corner: Slough and Lamar above the confluence are running clear and fish are rising to Drakes and PMDs. You may not see many naturals coming off but the fish are definitely looking up. If they are coming up to inspect your fly but not fully committing, tie on a dropper and you’ll pick up some fish that way. Soda Butte is still a little high but should be totally clear any day now.

Yellowstone in YNP: Yellowstone above the falls opened this past Saturday and we’ve been seeing some nice fish being caught so far. The river is still running high and slightly off color. The water in this stretch of river moves deceptively fast, this is not the time of year to wade around in spots you're not sure of. Plenty of stoneflies still flying around over there, otherwise look for Drakes, PMDs, and spinners to produce. Blind casting in this part of the river is usually not very effective. Try to stalk the banks until you find a target to cast to, at which point a well placed cast and drag-free presentation will usually induce a take.

Product of the Week

If you've been on the river (or anywhere) the last couple of seasons, you have surely seen the Patagonia Fitz Roy trout and bison trucker hats. They are now available in a grizzly bear design. We just got these in a few days ago and expect them to sell quickly so hurry and order before they're gone!

Tom Forsberg
Tom Forsberg


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