by John Schilling January 12, 2017

The West Yellowstone Area Fishing Report

Thursday January 12th

Winter Fly Fishing

Happy New Year!!!

Fly Fishing Guide Jake Schilling - Czech Nymphing on the Upper Madison River Montana

Well the weather has been rather frigid this past month with temperatures getting down to -50 degrees.  But on the good side we've been getting tons of snow.  I've seen some reports that our snowpack is close to 100% already.  That should give us some good water for next summer and help keep the fishing great all summer.

Even with the cold temps and snow we are still finding some decent days to get out and fly fish.  These type of days help give us a chance to get out of the fly shop and enjoy ourselves on the Madison River.

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MRO is currently in a deep freeze weather wise but are underway booking guided fly fishing trips for Spring, Summer & Fall of 2017.  If you haven’t already booked your guided fly fishing trip, now is the time to do it.  Our prime months are beginning to fill up, but it’s not too late to get your reservation.

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The On-line Fly Shop is open 24/7 throughout the winter months.


Upper Madison (Hebgen-Ennis)

Upper Madison - Hebgen Dam

The temperature looks like it's going to dip below 20 degrees the next couple days but should be back up into the 20's by Sunday with sunshine.  You may see a stretch of a couple days that may be worth your time to get out and fish the Upper Madison River.

West Yellowstone Montana 7 day weather report for 01/12/2017

We've been having good luck fishing nymphs.  On top the the fish seemed to prefer #10-12 Biot Golden Stones and #8-10 Black Sili Legs.  As droppers the choice was #18 Black Zebra Midges, #18 Frenchies and #18 Black & Red Crystal Dips. 

Also the other day we saw a good midge hatch with lots of risers in the slow alleys. For the dry fly hatches try using #18 to #20 Black Midges and Griffiths Gnats.

Also don't overlook chucking out some streamers this time of year.  There are still some big hungry trout out there looking for a big meal.

Upper Gallatin

I haven't gotten a report lately about the Gallatin River.  But with the temps getting back into the 20's this weekend I may have to head downstream and try some nymph fishing on the Gallatin.



John Schilling
John Schilling



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