Madison River Fishing Report - April 6, 2020

by John Schilling April 06, 2020

Madison River Fishing Report

Madison River Fishing Report

Madison River Stream Flows

West Yellowstone - 438cfs
Hebgen Dam - 931cfs
Kirby Ranch - 1030cfs
Cameron - 1140cfs

Snow Water Equivalent 

Madison - 105%
Gallatin - 116%
Upper Yellowstone - 119%
Yellowstone - 121%

Madison River Fishing Report

Photo by Micky Wooten

We finally got a couple of days of no snow and high winds this weekend so we headed down towards Ennis and floated from 8 Mile to Ennis Bridge.  Unfortunately woke up this morning to another snowstorm.  Welcome to West Yellowstone!.

Well at the launch we discovered a Skwala crawling on the bank but that was the one and only we saw.  However, there was a ton of midges on the water.  We also spotted some salt & pepper Caddis along with what looked like a March Brown.  Even with our winged friends out and about we didn't see many risers.

With no risers, I started stripping a mouse.  Man, it's fun to pop those things across the water.  I got a couple follows on the mouse but couldn't get any takes.  Switched over to streamers and finally changed my luck.  The fish are still holding in those slow deep runs.

Fly Recommendations

Dries - Parachute Adams / Purple Parachute - Size 18, Trico Sprinners / Sparkle Duns - Size 18 - 20

Nymphs - Biot Czech Stone - Size 10, Frenchie - Size 14 -16, Crystal Dip - Size 18, Grub - Size 12

Streamers - Sparkle Minnow - Size 6 -10, Olive Skulpin - Size 4 - 6, Thin Mint - Size 6, Mouse - Size 2 - 4

John Schilling
John Schilling



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