Madison River Fishing Report for 7/10/2017

by Tom Forsberg July 10, 2017

Madison River Fishing Report
Upper Madison- Big bugs are on the way out, though there are still a few hanging around in the wade section and betwixt. You can still throw some stoneflies around and expect fish to be looking up. PMDs have been getting a bit more scarce with these hot days, but be on the lookout for them during some of these afternoon storms. With the high temperatures we have been having your best bet for consistent dry fly fishing is to get to the river early and stay late. We’ve been seeing some spinners in the later hours of the day. Caddis emergences in the evening hours have been strong and fish are rising to them all the way up until dark. Bring your headlamp for the walk back to your car.
Flies: #16 Missing Link, #16-#18 Elk Hair Caddis, #16-#18 Iris Caddis, #16-#18 Rusty Spinner, #16 PMD Cripple, #16 Purple Parachute, #12 Half Down Golden, #8 Razorback.

Nymph bite continues to be strong with the fish still seeming to prefer some of the stuff on the smaller side. Do your best to get out to some of the slicks off of the bank right now. Bugs are #14-16 Lake Prince, #16 Green Machine, #16 Shop Vac and all the other standards will produce with a clean presentation. Make sure you are getting down, especially on hot, sunny days.
Gallatin- Gallatin has come into its own in the past week. Very fun river to prospect with dries right now. Salmonflies and Goldens have started to creep up into the park stretch, very worthwhile to fish one as your lead fly with a smaller attractor off the back. Yellow sallies and caddis on sunny days. keep your eyes peeled for PMDs and Green Drakes with cloud cover. Remember that there’s no need to hurry over there, a 10:30 am start time is plenty early with the current water temps. If you’re looking to throw dries in the afternoon the Gallatin is your river. 
Flies: #12 Half Down Golden, #8 Razorback, #14 Golden Chubby, #14-#16 Parawulffs, #14 Trude, #16 Elk Hair Caddis, #16 PMD Cripple, #12 DOA Green Drake, #12 Green Drake Sprout.

NE Corner- Give Lamar and Soda Butte some time yet, still running high and a little dirty. Slough is running clear but cold, Drakes may be sparse right now but should be getting more and more prevalent every day, especially with the nice warm days we’ve been having. Bring some small streamers just in case.

Gardiner- Look for Salmonflies above Boiling River, although the peak of this hatch has already occurred. Plenty of Goldens still around beneath Boiling River as well. Also carry your typical attractors and nymphs.

Firehole/Madison- The Firehole and Madison have definitely warmed up to the point that it is now time to find some other water to fish.

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Tom Forsberg
Tom Forsberg


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