Madison River Fishing Report for March 9, 2021

by John Schilling March 09, 2021

Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report

 MRO regular Richard Kline & Smokey between the lakes

The first week of March has brought excellent weather to Southwest Montana, time for an Upper-Upper Madison River access check-in!  We'll run through the Madison's access points from West Yellowstone down through Palisades.

Madison above Hebgen
Keep in mind the YNP portion of the Madison will remain closed until Memorial weekend in May,  Once downstream of the YNP boundary, your easiest access will be the 191 bridge just outside of West.  The warmer temps last week melted out enough room to (safely) park on the side of the highway.

Between the Lakes
Parking spaces have been plowed at the entrance of the Ghost Village Road and Cabin Creek campground.  As of now it looks like it'll be awhile until you can drive all the way down to the outhouse, but we'll see what the weather does.

The Slide of the Madison River below Quake Lake

The Slide Area of the Madison River below Quake Lake

Raynolds Bridge
Looking good!  Boat ramp is still snowed in but you can drive into the parking lot no problem.  The parking  lot on the South side of the bridge is in good shape as well. Keep in mind there's still no fishing from a boat below Quake to Lyon's, the new rules are not in effect yet.

$3 Bridge
While the road down the bridge is still technically closed until April 15, the road has enough snow that you wouldn't be able to drive down anyhow at this time.  The lot off the highway is plowed and in good-enough shape for a few vehicles.

Pine Butte/West Fork
Pine Butte's boat ramp is still snowed in but you could slide your boat in with the help of your fishing partner.  The park area near the ramp has room for a couple cars.  

The West Fork bridge is plowed and you can probably drive about 90% of the way to the outhouse turnaround.  Be ready for this road to get a little greasy if the weather stays warm.

Lyon Bridge
Still primarily used as a snowmobile parking lot this time of year, but as of now it's half-plowed.  You could slide your boat-in if you really wanted to.


Sheltons Bridge on the Upper Madison River

Sheltons Bridge below Lyons

Windy Point
As of 3/7 there's a nasty enough windriff that no one's driven through down to the bottom level in awhile.  Skip Windy or have a friend with a truck and tow strap with you just in case. 

The drifts coming down off the highway are pretty much gone and the ramp is almost 100% clear.  The remaining snow is no problem though, nothing you would get stuck in.

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John Schilling
John Schilling



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