Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 06/13/22

by Peter Greubel June 14, 2022

Hebgen: Hebgen Lake is currently at 96.3% and should be around full by tomorrow with how heavy the rain has been the last few days. Stripping buggers/leeches or nymphing under an indicator will be your best options on the lake. With leeches and buggers, switch up your retrieval until you find something the fish like.
Flies: #8 Black or Olive Simi Seal Leech, #6 Flash-a-Bugger, #6 Olive or Black Hot Bead Leech
Hebgen Flows: 672 cubic feet per second
Kirby Flows: 2420 cubic ft per second
Upper Madison: The Madison is blown out right now, and will probably take a few days for it to settle back down once this storm front passes by. Nymphing a two-fly set up will be your most productive method right now. Dead drifting a big stonefly /nymph combo under an indicator has been the go-to. Keep an eye out for fish eating baetis, especially on the cloudier afternoons mid to late week. Early mornings and then later evenings have been the best for streamer action.
Flies: #6-8 Sili Legs, #16-18 Olive Hare’s Ear, #14-16 Ram Caddis, #18 Higas SOS Midge, #18-20 BWO Loop Wing, #6 Black Woolly Bugger, #6 Black/Purple Sparkle Yummy, #6 Olive Sparkle Minnow.
Madison/Firehole: (UPDATE: Park closed due to flooding) 
Swinging soft hackles or nymphing has been your best bet for a good day on the Madison in the park. However, with increased flows from the Firehole and the Gibbon running into it, fishing in the Madison in the park will be a little different this week. In the Firehole size down your nymphs and be on the lookout for PMDs. Make sure to get an early start to your day because the summer cars are starting to line up to get into the park.
Flies: #8-10 Partridge and Orange, #8-10 Partridge and Pheasant Tail, #6-8 Sili Legs, #14-16 Prince Nymph, #16-18 Frenchie, #16 Olive Bullet, #14 Diving Caddis. #16-20 Klinkhammer PMD, #16-20 Sparkle Dun
Flows: 1520 cubic feet per second (Firehole)

Gallatin: The Gallatin right now is cold and off colored, if you’re looking for a productive day of fishing. We’d recommend starting somewhere else. But if you do choose to venture out to the Gallatin to avoid some of the crowds in the park. Nymphing will be your best bet.
NE Corner: Like the Gallatin, these rivers are running high and off color. Fishing the NE corner is most likely not worth the drive.

Peter Greubel
Peter Greubel


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