Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 10/9/2018

by Tom Forsberg October 09, 2018


Upper Madison: The fishing has been quite good in this stretch of river recently and this should continue for the coming weeks. Small nymphs, especially baetis and nymph patterns, have been effective throughout the day. As for dry fly fishing, baetis and midges will again be the main attraction, especially on stormy days. Lighter tippet, small flies, and a good drift will be your keys to success from here on out this season. 


Between the Lakes: There are plenty of nice fish in this stretch of the river right now. We have been catching some larger than average fish the past week or two and this should only keep getting better. Nymphing has been the most consistent way of going about getting these fish to hand. Larger stonefly nymphs have been working well again and it never hurts to try throwing a streamer around this time of year as well. 


Flies: #16-18 Red Neck, #16 Olive Biot Czech, #18 Shop Vac, #18 Guide Dip, #16-18 Green Machine, #18 Black Krystal Dip, #16-18 ICU Midge, #16-18 Black/Green Lightning Bug, #18-20 Zebra Midge, #6-10 Sili Legs, #18 Purple Parachute, #20 Parachute Adams, #20 CDC Biot BWO


Gallatin: Smaller baetis continue to provide decent dry fly fishing when there has been cloud cover. Otherwise try some smaller nymphs and/or throwing some streamers around. As usual, no need to get on the water early as the water temps are pretty cold right now. Additionally, the park stretch of the Gallatin is now open to fishing after having been closed the past few weeks due to fire activity. So this stretch of river is now fair game again. 

* Our special thanks to the crew over at Gallatin River Guides for providing us with the most up-to-date info on the Gallatin.




Madison in YNP: More and more fish are working up into the system, especially given the weather we have had the past week. The forecast still looks good through Thursday this week and should help bring even more fish up. Whether your method of choice is nymphs, soft hackles, streamers, get out there and try your luck. 

Flies: #8-10 Partridge & Peacock, #8-10 Partridge & Orange, #6 Sparkle Minnow, #8 Simi Seal Leech, #8-12 Black Sili Legs, #14-16 Red Neck


Firehole: Given the forecast, the next few days should be good on the Firehole. Look for baetis to come off in the late mornings and early afternoons. Soft hackles and smaller leeches are always a good choice as well. It could even be worth a stop in Firehole Canyon to see if any lake run fish have made it up yet. 

Flies: #20 CDC Biot BWO, #12-14 Partridge & PT, #12-14 Partridge & Orange, #8 Simi Seal Leech


NE Corner: Be on the lookout for baetis and perhaps a few Hecubas to provide you with your dry fly fishing. A dropper rig and/or streamers are also good options here right now if you don’t run across a strong hatch. 


Flies: #12 Slough Creek Comparadun, #14-20 Olive CDC Comparadun, #10-12 Parachute Hopper, #14-16 Arrick’s Ant, #14-18 Royal Trude, #14-18 Parawulff, #14-18 Rusty Spinner, #14 Red Neck, #14 Orange Bullet, #16 Olive Czech Biot, #8 Sparkle Minnow 

Tom Forsberg
Tom Forsberg


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