Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 6/1/21

by Tom Forsberg June 01, 2021


Upper Madison: Not a whole lot has changed on the Madison at the moment. The water is still low with just a bit of color to it and as it warms up this coming week it will likely get even a little more green. Prospecting with a dry may bring up a few fish, but nymphing remains the name of the game down there. Sili Legs with smaller trail flies have still been our go-to combos of late. 

Flies: #8-10 Black Sili Legs, San Juan Worm, #16 Orange Head Mary, #16 Olive Hot Spot Perdigon, #14-16 Red Neck, #16 Bullet Quill, #16-18 Dip, #14-16 Tan X-Caddis, #12-14 Para-wulff, #6 Mini Sex Dungeon, #8 Hot Bead Goat Leech 


Hebgen: Fishing on the lake has remained spotty over the last week. The forecast for the upcoming week is looking warm and will hopefully get things kicked off in earnest. Floating chironomids under an indicator or slow stripping a leech will still be your best bet, but expect to see some more midge activity in the coming week and this should only continue to improve. 

Flies: #14 Black/Red Nugget, #12 Opal/Red Buzzer #16 Peacock Chironomid, #16 Pheasant Tail, #8 Thin Mint, #8 Olive or Black Simi Seal Leech



Bugs and anglers were both prevalent in the Park for opening weekend. Caddis, baetis and PMDs all made a showing with PMDs being the hatch getting the most attention from the fish. As usual, if you find yourself fishing before, between or after the hatches, swinging soft hackles is very consistent and swinging or stripping a smaller streamer or leech pattern can produce as well. If you are looking for a chance at a larger holdover fish, throwing around a larger streamer on the Madison is a solid option for that. 


Tom Forsberg
Tom Forsberg


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