Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 6/11/2019

by Tom Forsberg June 11, 2019


Upper Madison: The Madison in the wade section has definitely come up a bit in the last few days and has picked up even more of a green tinge to it, but it remains very fishable. We really like these conditions this time of year for nymphing and catching really good numbers of fish. Although we did see the river down from West Fork get big and brown for much of the past week, colder overnight temps the past few nights have yet again stalled full blown runoff. The float section is looking better also. As of yesterday, the river below West Fork is pretty much the same color as the water above West Fork. When we get temps in the high 60’s and 70’s this week you can expect it to pick up a lot more brown color again down from West Fork. Nymphing remains the name of the game down here using larger Sili Legs, worms, prince nymphs, Frenchies, Rednecks and Serendipity variations. As usual, be on the lookout for any breaks in the heavy current and for slower pockets along the banks and behind rocks as this is where the fish will be holding.

Flies: #8-10 Sili-legs, #12-14 Biot Golden Stone, San Juan Worm, #14 Lake Prince,  #14-16 Frenchie, #14-16 Red Neck, #16 Black Lightning Bug, #16 Green Machine, #16 Guide Dip/$3 Dip, #16 Orange Mary


Hebgen: When the weather has been calm and cooperative, we have been seeing an increase in both the numbers of midges and also the number of fish rising to them. This has provided us with some good dry fly fishing opportunities. The most effective method continues to be drifting chironomid nymphs under an indicator or stripping leeches and buggers. We are still mostly fishing in the bays along the north shore of the lake. 

Flies: #12 Sno Cone, #16 Zebra Midge, #10 Simi Seal Leech, #8 Jig Bugger


Gallatin: The cooler overnight temps have dropped the stretch above Taylor Fork to marginally fishable conditions. If you’re intent on fishing here bring the big nymphs and fish them along the banks. However, it will likely be too muddy again in another day or two. There are definitely better options. Don’t bother below Taylor Fork.


Yellowstone National Park

Firehole/Madison: The Firehole has been fishing great and is one of the only viable options to fish dry flies for now. Baetis and PMD emergences in the late morning and early afternoon continue to provide good dry fly fishing opportunities. Also, look for even more caddis to be around this week once things warm up a bit. When it comes to swinging a soft hackle, all we can say is that it has been about as consistent and effective as you could ask for. If you’re looking for something fun and different, you could also try throwing around a larger chubby or your stonefly pattern of choice in Firehole Canyon.

Flies: #16-18 DOA Baetis Cripple, #16-18 Baetis Sparkle Dun, #16 Tilt Wing PMD, #16 PMD Hairwing Dun, #14 Tan Spruce Moth, #16 Tan X-Caddis, #12 Partridge & Green, #12-14 Partridge & PT, #14 Tan/Olive Diving Caddis, #10 Simi Seal Leech


Tom Forsberg
Tom Forsberg


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