Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 6/13/2017

by Jake Schilling June 13, 2017



Upper Madison 

**As of today, Hebgen's flows are switching to top-flow**
Flows are slowly coming down, the wade section is no longer a chocolate milkshake, but the preferable milky-green color.  Today's snowstorm may shake flows up a for say or two.  
Dry fly fishing is picking up, we saw plenty of fish coming up in the pockets of $3 this week. Your best top water fishing will be smaller patterns like a #18 DOA Cripple or #16 X-Caddis, but why not try a #12 Golden Chubby for 20 minutes?  
That being said, if your looking for fish, stay close to the bank side pockets and tie on a #12 Golden Biot Stone with a #16 Tung. Red Neck below. Besides the classic slicks, make sure to spend time on disappearing islands.   Don't overthink your spots, look for the quietest water near the banks and fish it well.  This mindset will be more productive than trying to wade out to your favorite mid-summer spots. 
Hebgen Lake 
Stay on top of the wind reports. If the lake is forecasted to be calm until Noon and it isn't too cold out, take advantage and search for some early season Gulpers.   The numbers aren't there like July-August, but enough to have a very fun morning!  If you're looking for DOD (why not?), try a #16 Cripple Flash Wing or #18 Missing Link.  If bobber-down is more your style (or conditions dictate), a #14 Snocone or #16 Callibaetis Emerger will find a few. 
Yellowstone Nat'l Park
As with outside the Park, the Madison's flows are coming down and starting looking good.  Stonefly fishing is on the rise, pound the banks and focus on any soft water you can find.  Everyone has their own secret Stone pattern, but a #14 Golden Chubby has been producing. The best advice we have is cover a lot of water, especially if it's off the beaten path.  If the wind is up, soft hackle fishing has been picking up.  You can get by with bigger patterns on the Madison like a #8 PT Partridge. 
Getting better by the day with our overcast weather this weekend.  Lighter winds have helped too.  We would still recommend focusing on mellow water, but expect dry fly fishing in the riffle to pick up.  MRO's favorite dry flies for the week are the #16-18 Sparkle Dun, #16-18 CDC Biot Comparadun, #18 Purple Parachute, and #16 Sprout. 

Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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