Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 6/15

by Nick Toller June 15, 2021


Upper Madison: Flows have bumped up a bit out of Hebgen dam, but water levels are still low for this time of year. There is still a little green tint to the water, and the fishing has been pretty good as of late. Nymphing a combo rig with a stonefly trailed by a smaller fly is still your best bet, but searching around with attractor dry flies and streamers has been picking up a few fish as well. Caddis hatches should only get better with the warm weather coming up the next couple days, so be on the lookout for rising fish.

Flies: #8-12 Sili Leg, #10-14 Biot Golden Stone, #14-16 Shop Vac, #14-16 Prince Nymph, #16 Krystal Dip, #16 Holo Point, #16 Purple Parachute, #14-16 Parawulff, #16 X Caddis, #10-14 Chubby Chernobyl, #6 Olive Sparkle Minnow, #6 Mini Sex Dungeon


Hebgen: Same story as last week for the lake, fishing has been hit or miss lately and we are still waiting on some consistent chironomid dry fly action. Until then, nymphing under an indicator or stripping leeches and buggers will be the name of the game. Switch up your retrieval speeds with the leeches, and mess around with your depth/presentation on the nymph set up until you find out what they like.  

Flies: #8 Olive or Black Simi Seal Leech, #8 Olive or Black Hot Bead Goat Leech, #6 Black/Olive Flash Bugger, #12 O.S Opal Buzzer, #16 Pheasant Tail, #14 Olive/Red Nugget

MRO's Sam Poullion with a nice streamer eater



Still plenty of people trying to enter through the West gate, get in early (before 730) to try and avoid the morning line up. The Firehole/Madison are fishing well, but water temps are getting above 70 degrees in the afternoon, so its best to fish them early and try the Gibbon or one of the smaller creeks later on. Watch for PMD’s and Caddis, then swinging soft hackles or tossing attractor dries around should find some fish between hatches. The Gallatin in the park is still running high and cold, but could be another option for an afternoon/evening session with nymphs or a dry dropper rig.

Flies: #16 Tilt Wing PMD, #16 DOA Cripple, #16 Missing Link Caddis, #16 Parachute Adams, #14-16 Chubby Chernobyl, #14 Diving Caddis, #14 Partridge & Pheasant Tail, #16 Shop Vac, #16 Olive Hot Spot Perdigon

Nick Toller
Nick Toller


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