Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 9/19/2023

by Tyler Amory September 20, 2023

The Western YNP rivers have finally cooled off!


Hebgen: Hebgen should begin to slow down as the weather continues to cool off. We're still seeing some callibaetis when the days warm up. When you aren't seeing fish rise it may be worth stripping leeches, larger streamers, or large damselfly nymphs in the upper reaches of the arms, as migratory Browns and Rainbows are likely beginning to stage. 
Flies: #8 Black or Olive Simi Seal Leech, #6 Balanced Squirrel Leech Black, #6 Olive or Black Hot Bead Leech, #8 Thin Mint, #12 Balanced Damsel, #20 Trico Spinner, #16 Callibaetis Sparkle Dun, #16 Found Link Callibaetis, #16 Purple Missing Link, #16 Long Tailed Callibaetis Spinner

Inflow to Hebgen Lake: 848 cfs
Hebgen Lake Outflow: 1039 cfs
Kirby Flows: 1120 cfs

** Flows as of 3 pm September 19th, 2023 **
Upper Madison: Not much has changed on the Madison since last week, It's still nymphing very well. Smaller mayfly and caddis nymphs, as well as dip style midges are what we're throwing lately. Hoppers are all but over down there now that we're getting frost. We're seeing an impressive Trico and Baetis Hatch near Quake Lake as well. Other terrestrials are moving fish on slower days. Streamers are heating up on the upper as the weather changes.
Flies: #16-18 Redneck, #16-18 Shop Vac, #18 Black Crystal Dip, #18 Olive Micro Mayfly, #18 Hogan's S&M Black, #16 Olive Hot Spot, #18 BWO Comparadun, #16 BWO CDC Comparadun, #20 CW Trico Spinner, #18 Parachute Baetis, #6 Black Hot Bead Leech, #4 Brown Sculpinator, #4 Olive/White Barely Legal


The NE Corner should be slowing down, but the western side of the park is just starting to pick up!  

Madison near West Yellowstone: 370 cfs
Yellowstone below Yellowstone Lake : 1030 cfs
Gibbon: 111 cfs
Gallatin near Big Sky: 387 cfs

** Flows as of 3 pm September 19th 2023 **

Gallatin: The Gallatin is low, clear, and cold enough that you don't need to be there before 10/11am. Terrestrials, and small mayfly/caddis nymphs are fishing well on the Gallatin lately. A hopper dropper is a good way to search around this river. Smaller attractor dries like Royal Wulffs and Stimulators should also entice a rise.
Flies: #16-18 Shop Vac, #16-18 Black Krystal Dip, #16 Pink Chili Dog, #14 Royal Chubby Chernobyl, #18 Parachute Adams, #16 Orange Spruce Moth, #16 Rocky Mtn Mint PMD, #14 Royal Stimulator, #16 Arrick's Ant, #14 Royal Wulff, #16 Bionic Ant Brown
Madison/Firehole/Gibbon: Temps on the western side of the park are finally falling enough to make the Madison, Firehole, and Gibbon viable destinations again. The Firehole is getting a touch warm mid day however. The Madison and Gibbon are fishing well with nymphs, soft hackles, and streamers. some early lake runs have been seen a good way into the park on the Madison.
Flies: #8-10 Partridge and Orange, #8-10 Partridge and Pheasant Tail, #14 Prince Nymph, #16-18 Frenchie, #14 Diving Caddis, #6 Olive Slump-Buster, #6 Olive Montana Mouthwash, #8 Black or Olive Hot Bead Leech
Yellowstone/NE Corner: The Yellowstone is slowing down drastically as the season continues. The Lamar and its tributaries are all fishing well with fish looking up, however, with recent weather the Lamar could be higher than average in the lower reaches. Look for fish rising on Tricos and small BWO's. Pink, purple, and red chubbies, as well as other terrestrials like will also fish well. Streamers should fish well if dries are slow.
Flies: #18-20 Parachute BWO, #18 Guide Winna Spinna, #10 Yellow Thunder Thighs, #16 Rocky Mtn Mint Adam's, #16 Butch Sally, #14 pink/purple/red Chubby Chernobyl, #6 Black Hot Bead Leech, #6 Olive Slump-Buster, #6 Olive/Black Crystal Bugger

We are still booking float, & walk/wade trips for the 2023 season. Give us a call if you have any questions or are looking to book a guided trip. 

Tyler Amory
Tyler Amory


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