Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 9/21/21

by Nick Toller September 21, 2021


Upper Madison: Nymph fishing will be your most consistent option out there. Be sure to have a few sili legs and some small mayflies and attractor patterns. Keeping your flies drag free is key this time of year! Be on the lookout for a few baetis coming off, and don’t put away the terrestrials quite yet, as the forecast looks pretty warm the next few days. Streamer fishing has picked up in the early mornings and then again later in the afternoons up until dark.

Flies: #16-18 Green Lightning Bug, #16 Olive Hot Spot, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, #18 Aero Baetis, #18 ICU Midge, #10-12 Sili Legs, #16-18 Redneck, #16-18 Parachute BWO, #18-20 Low Water Baetis, #16 Rocky Mountain Mint Adams, #6 Olive Sparkle Minnow, #6 Mini Peanut Envy, #4 Olive/White Barely Legal,


Hebgen: The cold mornings have slowed down bug activity, but once things warm up you could see a few callibaetis still hanging around but not many. With lack of bugs out, nymphing a pair of flies under an indicator or stripping a leech or wooly bugger will be the best bets. Even with the lake being low, it still helps out a bit to have a sinking line or at least a sink tip leader to get down in some of the deeper spots out there.

Flies: #8 Black or Olive Simi Seal Leech, #6 Flash-a-Bugger, #6 Hot Bead Leech, #16 Callibaetis Sparkle Dun, #16 Callibaetis Sprout, #16-18 Parachute Adams, #16 Turkey Callibaetis, #16-18 Pheasant Tail



Gallatin: The cool nights have kept the Gallatin’s water temperatures down, so take your time  getting over there and get started once things warm up by mid morning or so. Nymph fishing will provide the most consistent action, but be looking for some baetis coming off. Terrestrial and small attractor dry flies could get some looks in the afternoon after it warms up a little.  

Flies: #14-16 Lake Prince, #16-18 Green Lightning Bug, #16-18 Redneck, #18 Zebra Midge, #12 Pink Chili Dog, #12-14 Grand Hopper, #16 Arricks Ant, #16-18 Parachute Adams, #18 Parachute BWO, #18 Baetis Cripple


Madison/Firehole: Hopefully the cold weather this weekend has pushed a few more lake fish up into the park. Nymphing, soft hackles, and streamers are all in play here, with nymph fishing and swinging soft hackles being most consistent. The cool nights have helped keep the Firehole water temps fishable throughout the day. Watch out for some baetis and maybe a couple White Miller Caddis bouncing around also.

Flies: #8-12 Partridge and Peacock, #8-12 Partridge and Orange, #14 Diving Caddis, #8 Simi Seal Leech, #6  Olive Mini Sex Dungeon, #6 Royal Sparkle Minnow, #10-12 Sili Legs, #14-16 Lake Prince, #16-18 Pheasant Tail, #14-16 Missing Link Caddis, #18 Tilt Wing BWO, #18-20 Sprout Baetis


NE Corner: The storms this past weekend caused the Lamar and Soda Butte to blow out, but things usually get back to normal after a few days. Keep an eye on the Lamar gauge before heading over. Watch for small baetis and some Drake Mackerels coming off. Keep a few terrestrial patterns around for the afternoons once things get warmed up, and as usual it never hurts to throw a tungsten bead nymph under a hopper or bigger attractor dry fly.

Flies: #12 Drake Mackerel Cripple, #14 Parachute Hares Ear, #18-20 Parachute BWO, #12-14 Purple Thunder Thighs,  #16 Arricks Ant, #16 Quill Bullet, #16-18 Redneck, #16-18 Frenchie


Nick Toller
Nick Toller


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