Madison River Outfitters Fly Fishing Report 6/21/17

by Jake Schilling June 21, 2017

Upper Madison
A great week on the Madison! Dry fly fishing has picked up and the nymphing remains as solid as ever. Flows out of Hebgen are currently 1,600cfs. Be ready for the possibility of flows rising again as the lake is now 99% full and the inflow has been closer to 2,000cfs over the past week.

Both the wade and float sections are fishing well, if you choose to float stay close to the banks or really work the slicks while on the move. High flows have filled the backside pockets with fish, and more than a handful are looking up for #16 X-Caddis, #14-16 Purple Parachutes, #14-16 ParaWulffs, and the #14 Golden Chubby is picking up.

On the nymph side, stonefly patterns have temporarily slowed down. Guides in the shop have been having more success on the medium to small sized patterns with caddies hatching. Shop favorites over the week have been the #10 Grub, #12 Quill Jig, #16 Red Neck, #16 Shop Vac, #16 Lightning Bug, and #16 Hares Ear Soft Hackle.

Upper Gallatin
You'r e best bet will be above Taylor Fork, may even have to be above Fan Cr depending on the day. Nymphing the pockets and slicks will find a few if the flows aren't too dirty, water is going to be cold, cold, cold for awhile.

Flows are coming down after our snow and hail storms earlier in the week. The other good news is water temps are right around 60-64 degrees, the past few years the Madison is already getting too warm by now. Caddis will pick up and fishing stoneflies is still finding them. The Junction sees a lot of traffic, take a walk off the beaten path.

Flows are still a touch above normal, but certainly worth fishing. Have a solid selection of small dries and soft hackles, a few of our favorites are the #16 CDC Comparadun, #16-18 D.O.A. Cripple, & #18 Purple Parawulff.

Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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