Midge Fly Fishing In the Winter on the Madison River

by Jake Schilling February 05, 2020

By Jake Schilling - 2/4/2020

Midge Fly Fishing In the Winter on the Madison River
Midge fishing on the Upper Madison River with Jake Schilling - Professional Fly Fishing Guide


I and few others on the MRO crew went down to the Wade Section of the Upper Madison River last Friday in search of midges, it did not disappoint.  We ended up taking a good walk downstream of Raynolds, snow is shin-deep and wind packed, really not too bad at all.  Plus, the slightly tougher walking will warm you up nicely between spots.  

Weather was great, high of 30 and the wind didn't pick up until 2 pm or so.  Midges were thick and the fish were rising pretty consistently between 11:30-1:30.  If the wind had stayed down the rising might've continued until 2:30 pm.  
For flies, my best fishing was with a zelon midge, simple.  Garret did really well with #18 Purple Parachutes and John was fishing a cripple.  This time of year, a good presentation with 4.5X-5X tippet is more important than the pattern.  Be patient and look for risers-  blind casting isn't going to produce like stalking will.
Hoping to get back out Friday again, we'll see the next few days go.  We could get up to two feet of snow in West Yellowstone if the forecast holds true.


Professional Fly Fishing Guide Jake Schilling

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At age 21 Jake moved to West Yellowstone from Missoula in May 2012. That first summer he spent two months living in a tent, before moving into a 1971 Lark camper until October.  After three years of part-time guiding, Jake moved into a full-time guide job with MRO.  During the winter he spends his time spey casting, midge fishing, steelhead fishing, and cross-country skiing while off work. Jake’s laid-back attitude and patience are unmatched, he loves taking the day slow; walking the boat and always having one more fly to try before moving on.

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Jake Schilling


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