Madison River Fly Fishing Report 6/19/2016

by Jake Schilling June 19, 2016

Upper Madison

Hebgen Dam: 600cfs

Kirby: 940 cfs

Flows are looking excellent as we move into a week of (predicted) warmer weather and low winds.  If this weather does happen, we could be looking at a good week of dry-fly  fishing with Caddis and the possibility of Stoneflies.  We've seen and heard of a few Stones hatching closer to Ennis, the Caddis have been hatching in good numbers for a week or so.  Fishing above the hatch is a popular tactic for Stones, but what's most important is fishing the best water well.  For topwater, our favorite flies this week have been the #12 Gold Chubby, #10 Salmonfly Chubby, #10 Hot Cake, #14 Missing Link, #16 Parachute Caddis, #16 Purple Parachute, and #16-18 D.O.A. PMD Cripple.  If the bank fishing isn't producing, don't pass up mid-river slicks as we've seen a few more eating out there.  

But until the dry-fly bite really sets in, nymphing is a great option and the fish are feeding well.  If you're looking to fish dry-dropper, any of the Stoneflies mentioned above with a #10 Sili Leg Stone, #14 Lake Prince, or #18 Crystal Dip will get the job done.  A few other nymphs to have handy are the #14-18 Shop Vac, #16 Guide Dip, and #16 Soft Hackle Hares Ear. 



Gallatin Gateway: 1,800 cfs

Plan on the river below the Taylor Fork to be dirty for a while still, but we're heading in the right direction.  A lack of rain storms the past few days should keep the water coming out of YNP reasonably clean, but keep in mind the water through this Upper section will be very cold.  Great fishing isn't far away! 

Yellowstone Nat'l Park


As our weather warms, your best fishing here will be in the mornings and evenings.  The past week has been very windy, let's hope that dies down and the fish start coming up a little more consistently.  #16-18 Parachute PMD, #16-18 CDC Comparadun, and #14-16 Elk Hair Caddis are great options for fishing dries this week.  If the fish are too difficult on top, stop in and grab a few #12 Orange, #10 Peacock, and #10 Pheasant Tail soft hackles to swing.  


Getting to be that time of year where you can find some really fun fishing on the Gibbon through Elk Park meadows fishing Attractors and Stimulators.  A few favorite patterns here are the #16 Olive Stimulator, #14-18 Trude, #14 409, #16 Para-Ant, and #14-18 Purple Parachute.




Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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