MRO Fly Fishing Report 8/23/2016

by Jake Schilling August 23, 2016


Upper Madison

Although inconsistent at times, the Madison is still producing great dry-fly fishing if you happen to find yourself at the right place, at the right time.  For time, mid-morning and evening has been best, mid-day has been pretty hit-or-miss.  The Wade Section is your best option, fish have been eating #16 Cinnamon Ant, #16 Para-Wulff, #14 Grand Hopper, #16-18 Rusty Spinner, and #18 Purple Parachute.

As for nymphing, wade out to those mid-river slicks and fish them hard.  With flows on the lower side (839 @ Kirby), take advantage and fish some spots that may be too hard to normally wade out to.  Still haven't seen much interest in fish eating larger stonefly nymphs, so far the time being I would recommend to keep your patterns on the small side; #18 Guide Dip, #16 Shop Vac, #18 Black Lightning Bug, #18 Black Crystal Dip, and #14 Pyscho Prince.



Smokey as all get out on the lake in the mornings on Hebgen, but worth dealing with it as the Gulper fishing has been solid once the morning warms up.  Over the weekend, it seemed the fish didn't really get going until after 10am.  Don't be afraid to switch patterns in the middle of the action, simply said; if they aren't eating your fly, change it!  Also, 4.5 to 5.5X tippet is recommended.  Top producers have been the #18 Calf Wing Spinner, #16 Iris Caddis, #16 Para-Ant, #16 Purple Hazy Cripple, and the #18 Para-Wulff.  


Yellowstone Park

Slough Creek

Currently closed upstream from the Campground! Via NPS- "Please note that due to the growth of the Buffalo Fire, Slough Creek trail and the Soldier's trail (horse use trail) are now closed for both day use and overnight use."  Check in with the Gate or Backcountry office for updates.  

Soda Butte

Via NPS- "There is a pesticide treatment going on at Soda Butte Creek. Visitors may see purple water up to Pebble Creek. No Wading, Walking, or Fishing east of the Ice Box until August 25th."

Upper Yellowstone

Still fishing pretty dang good for late August.  A good number of the Big Boys are still there, great to see them stick around this long.  Smaller mayflies, ants, beetles, hoppers, and a few Drakes are still your best bet for getting into them.  A few MRO favorites are the #12 DOA Cripple, #14 Slough Cr. Cripple, #16 Bogus Beetle, #14-18 Para-Ant, and the #14 Purple Hippy Stomper.  


Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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