Madison River Fly Fishing Report 7/25/2016

by Jake Schilling July 25, 2016


Upper Madison

As we approach August, it's becoming that time of year where your best fishing will be found in the mornings and evenings.  Mid-day is certainly still producing fish, but not as consistently as early and late.  

Dry fly fishing is still finding nice fish right off the banks, but don't neglect the mid-river runs and slicks, a few eager risers are in heavier water.  For the most part expect to catch fish on smaller patterns (#16 Para-Wulff, #16-18 Rusty Parachutes, #16-18 Rusty Spinner), but it's always worthwhile to try a larger attractor (#12 Trude, #14 Royal Wulff) from time to time.  Also, it's time stock up on a few terrestrials; #16 Para-Ant, #16 Xtra-Terrestrial, and #14 409.  

Nymphing will the find the fish mid-day once the dry bite slows, keep your patterns small and have a quick trigger.  The Upper Madison fish are getting pretty darn good at spitting hooks if you're slow.  Stick with the favorites and tie on #16 PMD Loop Wing, #16 Guide Dip, #18 Frenchie, #16 Black Crystal Dip, and #18 Olive Shop Vac.


Hebgen Lake

Warm and calm mornings have certainly got the Gulper fishing off to a fun start.  Wading out has been tough, the best tracking fish seem to be out in the middle of the Arms, or at least far enough out of most folks casting range.  If you're dry-or-die on the Lake, stick with #16 Purple Cripple, #16 Para-Callibaetis, #16 Iris Caddis, or #16 Calf-Tail Spinner.  If you're struggling to hook up, try out a dropper off your dry like a #16 Turkey Callibaetis, #16 $3 Dip, or #16-18 Purple Zebra Midge.


Yellowstone Nat'l Park

NE Corner

The Northeasts' waters have been fishing well and attracting plenty of fellow fisherman in the process.  Don't fret over the crowds, if you take an extra 15-30 minute walk away from the road/pullout, you'll find open water and plenty of fish.  As per the norm, have a wide array of dries as these curious Cutthroat love to inspect and deny your best efforts.  A few favorites around MRO have been the #16 Rusty Spinner, #12 Purple-Ice Chubby, #16 Red Para-Ant, and the #14 Bogus Beetle.



Don't pass up a chance the fish Upper Gallatin up-stream of the Taylor Fork and into YNP.  This river tends to stay cooler than most everything else in our area, something to keep in mind as we approach August.  I like to keep it relatively simple and rely on #16-18 Parachutes and Spinners through this water.  Along with a few #16 Para-Ants, you'll stay pretty busy if you keep your eyes open and focus on getting good presentations.  

Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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