Madison River Fly Fishing Report 8/2/2016

by Jake Schilling August 02, 2016


Upper Madison

Looking to be an interesting week as flows over the past 4 days have bumped from 1,100cfs on 7/30 to 1,500cfs.  Between an increase in flows and a few afternoon rain showers, the water temps have been OK considering it's August.  Fish have certainly starting keying in on terrestrials, the #16-18 Para-Ant and #12-14 Grand Hopper have been finding some really nice fish near the banks as well as mid-river slicks.  Besides terrestrials, your best options for dries are currently the #16 Rusty Parachute, #14 Para-Wulff, #16 DOA Cripple, and the #16 Missing Link.

Nymphing has been best early and late in the day, mid-day has been more reliable fishing on top.  With the higher pulse-flows this week, make sure to fish the banks hard before stepping out to the pockets, spooked a good number of fish right from under the bank this morning at Raynolds.  


Upper Gallatin

What a fun river to fish at the moment.  Spruce Moths have been very reliable, as with a few terrestrial and attractor patterns.  Fish the Canyon runs hard, there are a lot of happy fish in there.  If the river near Big Sky gets a little crowded, pick up a YNP License and head up river.  Top patterns are the #14 Spruce Moth, #14 Red 409, #16 Royal Wulff, #16 X-Caddis, and #16-18 Purple Parachute.


Yellowstone Park


Still a decent number of Green Drakes up high, the fish have been very willing to eat #12 DOA Drake Cripples and #12-16 Spinners.  Your presentation is always key here, wait to find a rising fish and get drag-free drifts.  If your Cutthroat of choice rises and denies your pattern, tie on a new one right away and try again.  A few other options are the #16 Bogus Beetle, #12 Chubby, and #14 Hippy Stomper.


Slough/Lamar/Soda Butte

Most of these fish are pretty keyed in on smaller flies.  You can still find a few willing to eat Chubbies, but you're better off throwing #18 Vis-A-Dun, #14 Slough Cr. Cripple, #16 Hazy Cripple, #16-18 Parachutes, and #16-18 Rusty Spinners.



Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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