MRO Fly Fishing Report 8/31/2016

by Jake Schilling August 31, 2016


Upper Madison (Hebgen Dam-Ennis)

Flows have steadily risen all week, currently sitting at 1,130cfs at Kirby.  Weather for the upcoming week is much cooler, in a few days we'll be looking at highs in the upper 50's and low 60's.  A nice break after mid-80s.  Right now the fishing has been hit-or-miss, some days are en fuego while others will leave you scratching your head.   The dry fly bite has been bonkers good if you happen to be in the right place.  The Wade Section always seems to be reliable, but mid-river floats like Windy-Mc have seen some awesome fishing.  Terrestrials and smaller attractors seem to be the ticket; #14 Thunder Thighs Hopper, #12 409, #14 Hippy Stomper, #14-18 Black Para-Ant, #16 Rusty Parachute/Spinner, #16-18 Para-Wulff, and #18 DOA Baetis Cripple.

For nymphing, mornings have been best.  The bite has been picking up as we're seeing more fish overall and the big dogs showing up again.  The besct patterns have been small; #18 Crystal Dip, #18 $3 Dip, #18 Guide Dip, and #16 Green Machine.  A few fish are starting to eat #10 Sili Legs again, those and #6 Flash-A-Buggers should be in your box if you plan on nymphing the Madison below Hebgen this fall. 


Hebgen Lake

One, maybe two weeks left of decent Gulper fishing.  The action is starting to slow a little, but if you stick it out the whole morning you'll get plenty of shots still.  Ants have been a reliable option, try them out if the fish are denying your Callibaetis patterns.  #16 Calf Wing Spinner, #18 Missing Link, #18 DOA Cripple, #16-18 Red Para-Ant.  



*Please be aware of all closures due to the Fires.  Stay informed through YNP's backcountry office.*

Madison (Junc. - YNP Boundary)

Currently closed from the Barns downstream to Cardiac Hill.  Certainly a few folks getting into the Fall fish coming up from Hebgen, but not a ton.  As we continue to cool down and get closer to October, the numbers will rise, rise, rise.  Swinging Soft Hackle and Streamers is our preferred method, a truly fun and efficient way to cover the large Madison runs.  A few of our favorite soft hackles are the #10 Peacock/Partridge, #10 PT/Partridge, and #12 Orange/Partridge.  

NE Corner

*The Slough Cr. road is still closed*

Feeling low and skinny.  But thankfully the water temps are staying in the lower 60's.  Smaller attractors, cripples, and terrestrials are still your best options.  Have tippet smaller than 5x just in case.  I'm a big fan of the 5.5x from Trouthunter.  


Still warm, but if you're dying to fish the Firehole get out of there by 11:00.  Afternoon water temps are still getting into 70s.  



Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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