MRO Fly Fishing Report 9/21/2016

by Jake Schilling September 21, 2016


Upper Madison

Weather for the next few days will be cold and wet, but nice again once we get to Monday-Tuesday.  Strong nymph bite most of the week as our weather was generally warm (for late September) and the fish settled into the lower flows.  When the conditions are just right (overcast/wet), Baetis are hatching in good numbers.  For top water, keep your patterns small, not many fish looking for hoppers and ants anymore.  Top dry flies have been the #16-18 DOA Cripple, #16-18 Adams, #16 Para-Wulff, #16 CDC Comparadun, and #16-18 Calf Wing Spinner.  

With the weather cooling down, we've been catching more and more fish nymphing right off the banks.  As annoying as the moss can be at times, make sure you have enough weight on to reach the bottom of the deeper pockets/slicks.  Our staff's most consistent nymphs this week were the #14 Lake Prince, #16 Guide Dip, #18 Black Crystal Dip, #18 Tailwater Tiny, and #8-10 Black Sili Legs.  

It's that time of year where it's always worth throwing streamers around for a little bit of your day.  Fish the banks and nearby pockets hard, a few favorite patterns have been the Sparkle Minnow, Flash-A-Bugger, Slap-N-Tickle, and Zoo Cougar. 



Expect a little color in the river if/when the snow comes through our area the next two days.  Baetis and BWO's have been coming out in OK numbers, it's all about spending a lot of time on the water to be there when things really get rocking.  The nymph fishing has been very fun as well, all the nymphs patterns mentioned above will find fish on the Gal'.




More than likely the best dry fly fishing you'll find in YNP at the moment.  Flows spiked a day ago, but are back down to 150cfs at the moment.  Fishing Fall Drakes and similiar attractor patterns have worked best, but as always have a few terrestrials in your box for the fickle ones.  #12 CDC Drake, #14-16 CDC Comparadun, #12 Slough Cr. Cripple, #14 Lime Trude, #14 PMX, #16 Para-Ant, and #16 Bogus Beetle.  



After a few days of excellent Fall-Run fishing following the re-opening of the Beaver Meadows, things have been pretty hit-or-miss.  We're all expecting the forecasted snowstorms Thursday-Friday to get the fishing going again.  Swinging flies is all about having confidence in your selection, a few of ours are the #10 Peacock/Partridge, #6 Swinger, #8 Orange/Partridge, and a good ol fashioned #6 Prince.  


Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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