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MRO Fly Fishing Report 9/26/2016

by Jake Schilling September 26, 2016


Upper Madison (Hebgen Dam-Ennis)

After a week of cold, wet days, the outlook for this week is 70 degrees and sunny until we get to the weekend.  Fishing was certainly good through the rough weather, we saw a bunch of Psuedos coming off.  If you're in the right water, soft water and pockets off the bank, you can still get some great top water action.  This warm weather may get a few fish looking for hoppers, but stick with the foam for too long if the action isn't there.  Top dry flies currently are the #18 D.O.A. Cripple, #16-18 Parachute Adams, #16 Missing Link, #16-18 Sprout, and the #16 CDC Comparadun.

The nymph bite has been inconcsistent at times, but overall pretty good as we've been seeing more and more big fish sitting in the shallow bank water and pockets.  Still mossy through the Wade and Float sections, so remember to clean those flies regularly.  For patterns, guide favorites have been the #10 Black Sili Leg, #16 Lake Prince, #16 Green Machine, #16 Guide Dip, and #18 Black Crystal Dip.

The low, wet weather we had led to some excellent streamer fishing.  The bright sunny days may slow the mid-day action a touch, but definitely worth throwing streamers early and late in the day when the light is low.  A few favorite streamers at the moment are the yellow MT Mouthwash, tan Zoo Cougar, and gray Sculpin Leech.


Upper Gallatin (Big Sky - YNP)

Flows spiked on 9/21 up to 600cfs due to heavy rain and snofw showers.  Flows have dropped dramatically since and should level out in the next 24 hours.  Per the usual, the Gallatin is the coldest river in the area, unless you're looking to throw streamers you don't need to be on the river at daybreak.  Let things warm up a bit and hit all the deep pockets and runs.  A few favorite nymphs on the Gal' are the #12 Biot Stone, #16 Shop Vac, #16 Rainbow Warrior, and #16 Green Machine.  


Yellowstone National Park


We saw some great fish landed this week.  Plenty of fish are already in the system now and it's just going to get better from here.  Most anglers prefer overcast skies for fall swing fishing, but don't let the bright days keep you in, plenty of good soft hackle fishing to be had.  With the river getting busier by the week, keep in mind good river etiquette, there's plenty of great water out there besides Barns 1 and 2.  Our favorite patterns to swing are the #10 Peacock/Partridge, #8 Orange/Partrdige, #8 PT/Peacock, "The Swinger" Leech, and the CF Baitfish.



Fishing may slow a touch this week as the Firehole is notorious for fishing best under overcast skies.  The peacock soft hackles mentioned above will work great here too, just keep them on the smaller size, #10-12.  For dries, have a variety of small mayfly emergers and adults; #16-18 Sprout, #16-18 Purple Parachute, #16 CDC Comparadun, and #16-18 D.O.A.  


NE Corner

The Lamar's flows more than doubled to 350cfs on 9/19, just about level again, currently registering at 160cfs.  Should be another great week of fall fishing, as always have a wide variety of attractors and change frequently if you aren't raising any fish.  #12 Slough Cr. Cripple, #12 Comparadun, #14 Lime Trude, #14-18 CDC Comparadun, #16 Royal Trude, and a few #16 Para-Ants never hurt.

Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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