Must Have Fly Fishing Information for West Yellowstone

by Jake Schilling January 24, 2020

By Jake Schilling

January 2020

Jake Schilling - Professional Fly Fishing Guide

River Flows & Snowpack Information for West Yellowstone and the Greater Yellowstone Area

Following up on our spring fishing blogs, if you like to be up to date with streamflow & snowpack, here are the links you need for the West Yellowstone area.  Many of us check these while waking up and getting the coffee going. If you follow these charts regularly and fish often, they can be an excellent tool for getting a feel of what to expect before heading out to the river.  They're also incredibly fun to watch as run-off starts, especially the Lamar River.  



Yellowstone National Park

Hebgen Reservoir 

River Flows

Madison River & Firehole River 

Gallatin River 

Yellowstone River & Feeders

Below Hebgen Dam on the Madison River Montana


This is the 4th article in a 4 part series on Spring Fly Fishing by Jake Schilling.

Floating the Upper Madison River Before Run-Off

Wade Fishing the Upper Madison River During Run-Off

Spring Fly Fishing on Hebgen Lake


Professional Fly Fishing Guide Jake Schilling

About Jake Schilling

At age 21 Jake moved to West Yellowstone from Missoula in May 2012. That first summer he spent two months living in a tent, before moving into a 1971 Lark camper until October.  After three years of part-time guiding, Jake moved into a full-time guide job with MRO.  During the winter he spends his time spey casting, midge fishing, steelhead fishing, and cross-country skiing while off work. Jake’s laid-back attitude and patience is unmatched, he loves taking the day slow; walking the boat and always having one more fly to try before moving on.

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Jake Schilling
Jake Schilling


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