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Fishing for trout with Spey rods is something that has been gaining in popularity in the last few years.  At Madison River Outfitters, two handed fishing for trout isn’t a new trend, it is something we have been practicing and pioneering for the last 15 years.  As the tackle has evolved, our guides and shop staff have continued to refine our approach to targeting fish with light spey tackle. Several of our fisheries in Southwest Montana and Yellowstone Park are uniquely suited to fishing with a swung fly and our guides can show you where and how to effectively fish using a Trout Spey outfit.

Trout Spey Fishing in Yellowstone National Park

Trout Spey guide trips focus on improving your casting with both Scandinavian style shooting heads and Skagit style shooting heads.  If you are a rank spey casting beginner or a seasoned expert, we can get you casting more efficiently.  We can show you effective presentations with both streamers and wet flies that are perfectly suited to the two handed fly rod.  Reading water is a big part of being successful fishing for trout, and our guides can help you to find the right spots to effectively fish with a two-hand approach.  We can even help you dial in your rod with just the right line that helps make casting more fun and effortless to fish.

Recommended tackle is 10’6’’ to 12’ 2-4 weight Spey rods with appropriate Skagit lines.  For wet fly and small streamer fishing, Scandi heads can also be very useful.  3-5 weight Switch rods with matching lines are practical.  If you are “spey curious” we have suitable tackle you can try out.


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Instructional Trout Spey Guide Trips West Yellowstone Montana