Failure To Organize!

by John Schilling April 04, 2020 2 Comments

By John Schilling - March 2020

What we have here is a failure to organize!

Madison River Fishing Report

It’s quite the predicament we currently face. Everyone is quarantined at home with nothing to do.  I’m currently also homeschooling my 14-year old who thankfully seems to be getting the hang of it. So I’ve turned my attention to the mess of fly boxes you see before you.  The sad thing is that that’s not all of them.

How could I have let it come to this?  I’ve got no idea what flies I have or where they are.  Although I’m pretty sure I’ve got every fly I’ll need for the next several years of fly fishing.

I’ll tell you how it happened and now that I look back it’s my own damn fault.  I’m at the fly shop working and then it’s the end of the shift and it’s time to go fishing.  The excitement builds as I want to get out on the river. Let’s see, where’s my gear. Look in the truck and see fly rod(s) - check, waders - check, wading boots - check, and gear bag - check neatly stored in my Decked box drawer. But where is my fly box from yesterday?  I’m sure I took it out and opened it so the flies would dry. But where is it? Probably home sitting on the kitchen table or more than likely it’s slid under the truck seats on the way back from fishing yesterday. Too lazy or don’t have time to run home and get it.

Why would I?  I’m still standing in the fly shop and I hear the Madison River calling my name.  There’s pretty much every fly I need sitting right in front of me. So I buy 4 of these, a six-pack of those and so on and so on.  Probably buy another small fly box (have to keep those flies organized you know). And in the back of my head I know I have every fly I need at home.  But hey, I can deal with that tonight when I get home. Sadly I never do. It’s a bad habit and an expensive one.

So here I sit quarantined at home looking at all these fly boxes chock full of flies.  It’s almost overwhelming but there’s no time like now to just jump in and start sorting flies.  I know I’ll feel better knowing what I have and where they are.  

Just think of the money I’ll save this year.  I’m sure I can use that saved money to buy more fly fishing gear.  But then again maybe I should start organizing my gear first to see if I really need anything.

Stay safe out there and stay home and I’m optimistic that I’ll be seeing you all sometime this summer.


Madison River Outfitters - John Schilling

John is beginning his 5th season with Madison River Outfitters.  When not in the fly shop you'll find him out on one of the local rivers.

Madison River Fishing Reports

John Schilling
John Schilling



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April 12, 2020

My den looks exactly like your pic. I keep staring at it hoping it will organize itself .no luck so far, maybe tomorrow.hang in there.

Dave Kumlien
Dave Kumlien

April 12, 2020


IMO, a clean desk is the sign of an empty mind….. I’ve never trusted anyone who had neatly organized fly boxes. I’d rather take all that time and spend in on the river…. :) However, best of luck in your undertaking!

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