Madison River Outfitters Fishing Report 7/2/2018

by Tom Forsberg July 02, 2018 1 Comment


Upper Madison: The time is upon us. Flows have dropped back down to normal for this time of year and the fishing has been outstanding. The next 7-10 days should be about as fun as it gets for the season on the Madison. MRO guide Mickey Wooten says to drop whatever it is you’re doing and find a way to get out here. We are seeing Salmonflies and Goldens above McAtee Bridge and they continue to work upriver each day. Yellow Sallies, caddis, and PMDs are also present throughout the wade and float sections of the river. The fish have been rising to any and all of these bugs at any given time throughout the day. Fishing a two-fly rig with a larger stonefly dry in front and a caddis/PMD/Yellow Sally dry behind it has been very effective. As an added bonus, the nymph bite has been great all day. Rather surprisingly, we have had a little trouble getting fish to eat the larger rubber legs the past couple of days, but smaller size nymphs in the #14-16 range have been working quite well.

Flies: #8 Salmonfly Hotcake, #8 Salmonfly Razorback, #10 Henry’s Fork Stone, #10 Half-Down Golden, #14 Full Tilt Sally, #16 Front End Loader, #16 PMD Missing Link, #16 PMD Parachute, #14-16 Shop Vac, #14-16 $3 Dip, #16 Loop Wing PMD, #16 Soft Hackle Hare’s Ear, #16 Red Neck 


Hebgen Lake: Hebgen has been fishing pretty well most days. While we are seeing come Callibaetis, it remains pretty random as to where and how many we are seeing. Your best bet will be to fish a chironomid or callibaetis nymph under an indicator. 

Flies: #16 Peacock Chironomid, #16 Turkey Callibaetis, #16 Pheasant Tail


Gallatin: The Gallatin continues to drop and has a nice color to it at the moment. Salmonflies have been going in the Canyon stretch for a few days now and have only been temporarily slowed by the last few days of inclement weather. You should be able to find them over the next week from the Canyon all the way up to the Park boundary. Also, be on the lookout for Golden Stones, Yellow Sallies, and caddis.

* Our special thanks to the crew over at Gallatin River Guides for providing us with the most up-to-date info on the Gallatin.




Firehole/Gibbon: The rain and cooler temps we got the past couple of days have helped to extend the season a little longer for the Firehole and Gibbon. White Miller caddis have still been coming off strong every day and you could still run into some PMDs also. Soft Hackles are always a reliable backup plan for between hatches. It could still be possible to raise some fish on the Gibbon below the falls to some smaller Golden Stone Patterns as well.  

Flies: Tan Spruce Moth #14, Elk Hair Caddis #16, #16 PMD Klinkhammer, #12 Partridge & Green, #12 Partridge & Peacock 


Madison: White Millers and possible PMDs for the most part. We might see an end to spring season on the Madison in the Park by the end of the week as we are supposed to warm up quite a bit by the weekend. Keep an eye on the temp readings or give us call before heading in there later in the week.

Flies: Tan Spruce Moth #14, Elk Hair Caddis #16, #16 PMD Klinkhammer

Tom Forsberg
Tom Forsberg


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Tom Schumacher
Tom Schumacher

January 31, 2019


I stopped in on the 5th and bought an out of state license, from Ohio. Just want to say thanks as I went to 3$ bridge and caught a nice 16" rainbow and a smaller one. But wow it was a Madison ariver fish. For me this was a bucket list item.

Thanks again

Tom Schumacher

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